What is WISE?

Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavour (WISE) is a non-profit foundation registered in Malaysia. It’s mission is to guide anyone who are keen to find and realise the inner untapped potential wisdom within that leads to a joyful living with oneself and others in the midst of lifes' offerings. We give workshops, talks, retreats, seminars, and distribute publications, products, and other materials to disseminate right information and wise discourses, widely offering guidance and support.

How did WISE come about?

WISE began with the establishment of Clove&Clive in 2006 by a group of individuals who were dedicated to cultivating the mind and the nurturing of “being” here and now through conscious loving and conscious living. Every week, Clove&Clive hosts classes, workshops, seminars, talks and monthly retreats that transformed the lives of many. The enthusiasm of the participants with their own growth kept the centre going since inception. Ten years later, WISE is simply expanding this good work of Clove&Clive, and has a vision and funding structure to better serve the community of fellow practitioners.

I am new, what courses shall I take first?

We have prepared a course roadmap ↗ as a guide for navigating your way through the different classes offered.


How is WISE being funded?

WISE's vision is to run retreats, workshops, and courses in line with its mission. With an initial seed funding contributed by supporters and members of the WISE foundation, most events in WISE will to be offered freely to participants — as sponsored events. WISE is in the midst of getting approval from the authorities to collect donations from the public. And when it has the approval, public donation will supplement the funding needed to sustain WISE. 

Does WISE have a retreat centre?

At the moment (2017) no, but we envision constructing a purpose-built retreat house ideally at a forested area easily accessible and not too far from Kuala Lumpur city.  A purpose-built retreat house will better meet our requirement and provide a conducive environment for the practice. (Read more)

In a nutshell, what does WISE hope to do?

Promote teachings for living with Wisdom and Awareness.
Inspiring liberating insights for awakening (to life as it is).
As its name imply, WISE was inspired by the collective wisdom of those who teach and learn this universal truth and who wishes to create a supportive environment for this endeavour to continue. Feed the wholesome mind and it shall prevail over the unwholesome mind as an eventual result — a wisdom that will serve well for all.

Is WISE a religious organization?

WISE does not subscribe to nor promote any particular mainstream religion. However, we respect and adopt the wisdom of teachings, that may be found in certain religions, traditions and cultures in particular, the Buddha’s teachings. When we adopt those teachings, we mean that we will guide participants in how to explore and realize those teachings for themselves. The wisdom/understanding which you will start to gain/grow will be realized as true by yourself. We do not subscribe to blind faith/believe in any teachings.

Some of the other great sages/teachers you may hear mentioned at WISE, are Sayadaw U Tejaniya (a Vipassana teacher from Myanmar), Jesus (based on this teachings in A Course in Miracles), Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, St Francis of Asisi, Hui Neng (a Zen master from China), Rumi and Byron Katie, among others. We are always open to teachings which resonate with what we have realized for ourselves and are not limited by religious or other labels. There is strictly no religious agenda behind WISE and we will not impose any religious belief or practice on any of our participants. 

Some of our courses or retreats may be held in Buddhist temples/meditation centres and in those instances, any Buddhist chantings or rituals performed are purely optional on the part of participants, that is, you may choose to participate in them or otherwise. In such temples/centres, our teachers may use or refer to words/terms used by the Buddha in the Pali language more often but they will take into account participants who have no prior knowledge of Buddhism and provide suitable English translations.  

In summary, no religious agenda will be imposed and no prior religious knowledge is necessary on the part of participants. All that is required is an open and curious mind that is ready to explore, learn and realize for themselves the Truth behind the words/teachings of all great sages/teachers who have appeared in our known history.