We aim to inspire liberating insights for awakening, to life as it truly is, through mindfulness and wisdom

We all want life to be a certain way. We want conditions to be just so, whether it’s loving relationships, more money, or simply the freedom to do whatever we want. Yet life doesn’t always cooperate. Maybe it does for a while, which makes us want to hold on tight to how things are; but inevitably, things always change. It can be the distress of coping with terminal illness, the grief of a loved one passing away, or the pain of a divorce. Or it can simply be struggling with a persistent sense of disconnection, chronic tension, and hollow unease.  

In times like this, do we fall apart and blame ourselves, other people, or blame the situation? Or have we cultivated the stability of mind that calmly looks at life just as it is, and respond to what needs to be done with awareness and wisdom, without the fear, aggression, or resentment that makes us suffer?

To cultivate this stability of mind takes mindfulness—training the mind to consistently pay attention to the realities of the present moment—and wisdom—the understanding that there is only this present moment to be experienced: whatever arises will pass away, and whatever has happened, happened. It could not have been otherwise. 

Rather than judging our experiences and fighting with what is, which creates stress and dissatisfaction, we can train our minds to learn from our experience with mindfulness and wisdom. We can keep silently listening and watching as a way of life, then we begin to understand conditions. There’s nothing to fear. There’s nothing you have to get that you don’t have. There’s nothing to get rid of. From this position of wisdom, life becomes more meaningful and more stable, and happiness can flow naturally.

Since it’s founding in 2006, Clove&Clive has helped thousands of people through talks, workshops, and retreats to cultivate the awareness and wisdom needed to live life with greater authenticity, clarity, and equanimity without imposing any religious agenda. The Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavor, or WISE for short, is a charitable organization established in 2016 as a continuation of this meaningful work by Malaysian teachers Hor Tuck Loon and Chan Lai Fun. Our mission is to transform people’s lives with wisdom through guidance and pointing.


What some of our participants say…

How have I changed? How I view others. I’m more connected and ‘real’. When the Truth touches me, it gives me a sense of fearlessness, a kind of courage to view life in its true flavor. And it is fulfilling indeed.
— Nancy Cheah, Malaysia
With understanding, I see what’s happened is not personal, but rather events that need to happen, no more and no less than the sun needs to rise in the east and sets in the west…If I were asked the benefits of these teachings, the closest answer to my heart is GROUNDED. That there’s nothing to be fearful of, nothing to feel uncertain of, nothing to feel guilty of because everything is as perfect as it is.
— Lee Hung Leng, Malaysia
I found myself less judgmental, more patient and not easily panic like before because of the understanding on how the mind works and not perpetuate into the story lines.
— Daphne Kwan, Malaysia