Our Mission

The Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavour (WISE) is a spiritual education and training non-profit, whose purpose is to promote the awareness and wisdom needed to live life with greater authenticity, clarity, and equanimity without imposing any religious agenda.

Our mission is to transform people’s lives with wisdom, through guidance and pointing, by offering retreats, workshops, talks, seminars, as well as distributing publications, products, and other materials.

We are a spiritual, humanistic, and interfaith organization. WISE is about direct experience and exploration of reality as we live it; the practical liberation and transcendence that is alive here and now in each moment of life. Through this, our aim is to bring people to a depth of realization that liberation from suffering is not only possible, but essential.

Who We Are

Clove&Clive was founded in 2006 by a group of like-minded people from diverse walks of life who have benefited immensely from the practice of mindfulness. With passionate support from the community, the Clove&Clive Centre, was set up in Kelana Jaya, Selangor to conduct workshops, classes, and seminars dedicated to promoting the understanding and cultivation of the mind with awareness and wisdom. Retreats were also regularly conducted.

As more and more participants joined and benefited from the teachings over the years, their enthusiasm eventually helped to evolve Clove&Clive to become WISE, which has a vision—a purpose-built retreat house and a new funding structure—that will better serve the community of fellow practitioners.

Our main teachers Hor Tuck Loon and Chan Lai Fun have been guiding meditation for the past 30 years, drawing parallels from many ancient wisdom teachings and also from his years of experience in the journey of Insight Meditation, particularly from Sayadaw U Tejaniya.

Unlike most meditation teachers that emphasize sitting or walking meditation, Tuck  Loon and Lai Fun offers a unique style of pointing and sharing that provokes reflection and discussion. Their pointing is not to attain some far-off goal of liberation or to experience states of special consciousness. Rather, their aim is to help you realize what wise mystics across all traditions have realized universally: the indisputable true nature of reality, or the understanding that brings freedom and happiness.  

Our Vision

Planting Seeds of Wisdom

We aspire to sow widely the seeds of wisdom that has the potential to flower into powerful and liberating understandings in the future. Our aspirations is for these teachings to ripple out and benefit as many people as possible.

A Purpose-built Retreat House

We envision building a retreat house on a forested area not too far from Kuala Lumpur city. By offering a beautifully secluded environment conducive to people who have an interest in exploring the understanding of life through guided retreats, we not only provide a suitable venue on demand for WISE, but also offers a venue for long-term practice which is important to the community. (Read more)

A Supportive Community

Our vision is to provide our community of practitioners with inspiration and teachings to integrate and manifest awareness and wisdom in all aspects of their lives, for the benefit of all beings.