Our Trainers


Hor Tuck Loon

Bringing together other contemporary wisdom works which he realised and understood, Hor Tuck Loon 何德伦 offers a unique approach to understanding our own minds. His style of pointing and sharing provokes reflection and discussion through various courses, workshops and retreats. Using mindfulness+wisdom as a tool, he skillfully guides participants into understanding how recognising the mechanics of the mind brings about freedom, peace and release from mental stress.

Tuck Loon is one of the Advisor for Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavour (WISE), a non-profit Foundation formed in educating mindfulness through right understanding to the public. In 2006, he co-founded Clove&Clive as his earlier platform in sharing the work of mindfulness. He has benefited much from his first meeting Tejaniya Sayadaw, a Burmese teacher, in 2002 and has since does retreat with him nearly annually. He had also given talks and held retreats in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Turkey.

He has assisted Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, in compiling two books entitled “Letting Everything Become Your Teacher” and “Arriving At Your Own Door”. Tuck Loon has written a small compilation entitled “Love Wisdom” and several articles for community distribution. He also writes regularly on his blog at www.illusiontoreality.com and shares his talks online at soundcloud.com/hortuckloon.

A project is in the pipeline where he envisioned a retreat centre, nestled in the pristine forest in Janda Baik, Pahang, for practitioners to do more regular retreats.

Chan Lai Fun

Chan Lai Fun (Chinese: 陈丽奋) has been questioning the meaning of life since her childhood days and this has somehow attracted her to explore the workings of her mind. She has attended numerous meditation retreats and workshops with various teachers since 1984. 

Her early career in the corporate world as an IT Project Manager and Software Consultant, coupled with her meditative experiences gave her a glimpse into how her mind operates with regards to the world.

But her real breakthrough began when she met her present Burmese teacher in 2002 whom through his skillful guidance, brought her to realize in-depth, how views in her mind operates her life. These newfound understanding profoundly shifted the way she meditates — from seeking further to finding out what is already present, of what is unknown. 

This spurs her interest in extending what she understood about the mind to the workshops and retreats that she co-facilitates. Her continual understanding and growth in the practice had enabled her to share and guide participants skillfully into unravelling their own minds’ blind spots which normally create stresses in their lives. So for many who has benefited from her sharing, they find that meditation and life have naturally become synonymous with one another, resulting in a more peaceful and happier living.

Currently she guides, facilitates and co-train in meditation workshops and retreats that are organised by Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavour (WISE) with her partner, Tuck Loon. They also travel periodically to China and Hong Kong, to share the unique workings of mindfulness+wisdom through meditation retreats and workshops there.


Choy Boon Ling

Boon Ling is a corporate trainer for the past 22 years specialising in the area of Train-the-Trainer,  Compassionate Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching, Anger Management, Competency Standards Development, Workplace Assessment and Curriculum Development.  She is also a facilitator for PSMB's Train-the-Trainer Program.

She holds an MBA from University of South Australia and a Bachelors of Social Science from USM. She also has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from South Australia. She has exposure to various learning approaches like Competency Based Training and Education, Neuro Semantics NLP and Accelerated learning, Kinesiology and has incorporated these approaches into helping learners learn in an effective and fun way. She is also a  meditation facilitator, coach and mentor. 

She has been invited to speak at event and organisations like the Philippines Health & Wellness Conference, MIM Life Enrichment Program, IEM Malaysia Evening Talks series, Monash Sunway Campus Student Enrichment Program and Student Society in International Medical University.

Her passion has always been to train and develop people as she has a firm belief about creating upward spirals in people’s lives. In all her endeavours, she also advocates taking responsibility and understanding the mind to experience personal happiness and effectiveness

Currently, other than being an Associate Trainer with CEDR Corporate Consulting Sdn Bhd,  she is actively sharing Compassionate Communication at WISE Centre.