The Value

What do you value most deeply? Where do you find refuge?

If you value wisdom for its power to transform lives for greater ease and well-being, consider helping us in anyway you can to ensure the continuation of this important work. WISE is entirely dependent on the generosity of its members and supporters to sustain its teachers, courses, and retreats. It is the intention of WISE to offer its activities in a way that more people can benefit from these teachings. Just like any other organization, WISE will have basic operating expenditure to cover and this will be made known transparently. As such, members and supporters will have better an idea on how they can best help WISE. As part of its objective of providing a conducive environment for practice, WISE is planning towards the successful creation of a purpose-built forest retreat house in the near future.

Our Vision: A Purpose-built Retreat House

WISE envisions to create a purpose-built retreat house, ideally on a forested  area not to far from Kuala Lumpur city. By offering a beautifully secluded environment conducive to people who have an interest in exploring the understanding of life through guided silent retreats, we not only able to provide a suitable venue on demand for WISE, but also offers a venue for long-term practice which is important to the community. In the past, retreats had to be conducted on rented facilities only.

My support of WISE symbolizes the commitment I’ve made to wisdom. It’s a physical acknowledgement of the importance of this journey, my gratitude, and my commitment to deepen understanding of the mind.
— Y.W. Tan, Kuala Lumpur
It is my hope that this organization can be around as long as possible to inspire as many people as possible to walk this path of better understanding this so called self.
— Law Ean See, Penang