Course Roadmap
for participants new to WISE



If you are wondering what this journey of mindfulness or understanding your mind is all about, you can join us at the following introductory events:

Enriching Talks ↗.  (Click link for details.)


Living Life with Mindfulness ↗. (Click link for details.)


In order to fully benefit from all the courses and retreats offered/conducted by WISE, we highly recommend that participants who are new to WISE follow this sequence of courses/retreats:

If you are ready to begin the journey of understanding your mind, the first thing to do is to sign up and attend the course called Mindfulness – A Starting Point (MSP at our Kelana Jaya centre or in Penang. 

For our Chinese speaking friends, you can attend a course conducted in English with Chinese translation called 正念初级班 Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners ↗.

After completing MSP, you may choose to join our Awakening Inner Wisdom course, Daylong Retreat or REAL Retreats AND attend our Tuesday sittings (Tuesday with Yourself).

For details on the course called Awakening Inner Wisdom (AIWfollow this link ↗. Note: you may join this course before joining MSP if the time suits you better.

For details on Daylong Retreats which are conducted at WISE Centre itself follow this link ↗.

For details on the REAL Retreats follow this link ↗. The venue of the retreat is normally at Janda Baik or Penang.

Tuesday with Yourself happens every Tuesday at 8pm at WISE Centre in Kelana Jaya. Following this link for more info ↗.

After you have completed one REAL Retreat/Daylong Retreat, you may consider joining us for a SILENT RETREAT. There are Silent Retreats held at Janda Baik ↗ or Silent Retreats held in Penang ↗.

After you have completed at least one REAL Retreat and one Silent Retreat, you may consider joining us for a LONG SILENT RETREAT. This is currently listed under Silent Retreat at Taiping ↗.


At any time along the journey, you can also consider joining the following courses:
Communicated to Connect ↗ followed by Compassionate Communication Study Group ↗.

Busting the Mind Game ↗ is yet another complementary course. However MSP or AIW are pre-requisites for this course.