What happened to Clove&Clive?

In short, Clove&Clive's business entity has been transformed into WISE's business entity.

All its good work will be taken over by WISE and what was offered by Clove&Clive will continue to be offered by WISE wherever appropriate. Much of the courses and workshops offered under the Clove&Clive's banner in the past will be available under WISE in the coming years ahead. The people behind WISE, the trainers and volunteers alike, remain mostly the same as they were. Tuck Loon and Lai Fun will continue to be the main trainers and WISE will continue to be committed to the Wisdom journey.

The business entity for Clove&Clive (Clove&Clive Sdn Bhd) will eventually be retired, to make way for WISE which is structured as a non-profit foundation (Wisdom Inspired Supportive Endeavour - 1189480-V).

WISE will continue to use the beautiful cosy Kelana Jaya centre as its business address, general meeting point and training centre. We shall refer to the venue as the WISE Centre at Kelana Jaya from now on.

The Clove&Clive mission, written when it was established in 2006 remain as relevant as ever. You may READ IT HERE.