Busting The Mind Game

Waking up from the Dream of Self.

Have you ever had conflict in areas of your relationships? Do you find your communications predictable? Or tried unsuccessfully in changing others?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve been unknowingly playing the Mind Game. You either learnt in a default way or were taught certain rules and regulations, with which you’ve been following them without questioning their reality. And you become a pro at playing this game where you pile up more and more winnings—except you can’t win this game as it has no ending.

The only way to bust yourself loose from this Mind Game is to discard the rules and regulations that bind you, and start creating a new programme with a new set of ideas that leads you to a freer direction.


This workshop presents radical ideas and practical tools for transformation and requires courage and may not always be pleasant or “feel good” — however, the rewards and results will impact you and your family in many wonderful and beautiful ways.

This workshop includes

  • Understand your default Mind Game & the mechanics of the Illusion
  • Understand what Busting the Mind Game is & Rediscover who you really are
  • Experience everything through the lens of Truth instead of Illusion
  • Go for the gold in the most supportive way for you

WHO COULD ATTEND  Suitable for ages 16 and above.

PREREQUISITE  Must have attended Mindfulness – A Starting Point or Awakening Inner Wisdom workshop. 

MINIMUM PARTICIPANTS  Minimum 7 pax for workshop to be on

IMPORTANT  Prior registration is required. Kindly confirm your participation 10 days ahead and please note that registration will close 3 days prior to workshop start date. The required time is necessary for the trainers to prepare the workshop materials as well as to gather a minimum of 7 committed participants for supportive group interaction.

TRAINERS  Chan Lai Fun & Hor Tuck Loon

EXCHANGE  Expenses to enable this workshop to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

VENUE  WISE Centre at Kelana Jaya

CONTACT  Yoke Fong 016-2122649 | Call/SMS 017-293 3699 


BtMG8 — Sat - Sun, 5 May - 6 May 2018, 9am-6pm (2 days)  -  (Registration will close after 3 May 3pm.) - [ COMPLETED ]
(Please confirm and register 10 days before start date, thank you.)

Click on the link following the dates of your choice to register online. Upon registration, should you be unable to attend the course due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly let us know in advance so that we can offer the sponsored space to someone else, who is on the waiting list.