Beneficient Suspicions

A Novel Approach to Chronic Diseases


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Do you wish to understand how the mind affects chronic disorders?
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A Novel Approach to Chronic Diseases


Saturday, 12 August 2017, 8pm-10pm
KC Hor


Based on his book “The Beneficent Suspicions”, KC will share his experiences in the importance of understanding how the mind  affects chronic diseases (chronicities) in its myriad forms. He will explain why chronicities become chronic and how to effectively resolve them by having a deep understanding which will bring about a self-empowerment to heal oneself. He will facilitate your journey in reducing the headaches and heartaches of caring for oneself as well as loved ones in the face of chronicities. He addresses chronicities as “One Disease (with) Many Names”.

Biodata of Facilitator

  KC Hor

KC Hor

Eight years ago KC unexpectedly gained fresh new perspectives on chronic disorders while he was providing care for elderly persons. His personal discoveries and observations spanned more than 20 years and serendipity resulted in him finding highly probable answers to the little understood characteristics of chronic disorders. Using his experience and knowledge, he began to facilitate health journeys for people surrounding his life; and his efforts soon started to become a movement. Now his mission is to bring a totally new way of self-empowerment in healing and health based on understanding.
KC hails from Penang, Malaysia and he has successfully pioneered a fresh re-look at solving chronicities by putting the mind control aspect of chronicities in its right perspective. He holds regular workshops and small communities of practices and hopes to spark the fire of self-empowered healing in a supportive environment of wisdom and compassion. 

KC is starting to revolutionize the fundamentals that will make people all over the world reclaim their personal leadership, regain their dignity, recharge their energies, and reconnect with the power of Nature in healing and health. In his own words, “Unless people understand the fundamental characterization of chronic disorders, they might win some battles and yet lose the war.”

He is the author of ‘The Beneficent Suspicions’, a book on his initial foray into re-visiting chronic disorders in a new light.

Title: Beneficient Suspicions -- A Novel Approach to Chronic Diseases
Speaker: KC Hor
Date:  Saturday, 12th August 2017
Time: 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Venue:  WISE Centre (formerly known as Clove & Clive Centre)
Exchange: Expenses to enable this session to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

(WISE Centre is located opposite the Kelana Jaya Police Quarters.  A location map is available here.)

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