Clove&Clive is dedicated to nurturing the “beingness” of the here and now through full participation of mindfulness in conscious loving and conscious living.


We are living in a critical situation on earth where spiritual awakening is no longer a choice but a necessity. There is dire need for a shift from being human to being humane. This shift can only be possible when we look within here and now in beginning a new way of living and loving consciously.


We have built our cozy centre at Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. We conduct evening and weekend courses here, and may sometimes bring you out of the city to quiet and peaceful locations to help you in your practice. We welcome you to pay a visit to view our place and its facilities. As we have dedicated opening hours, we invite you to contact us prior your visit.


We are a group of like-minded people from various walks of life who have benefited immensely from the practice of mindfulness, and are committed to reaching out in sharing with others the journey of conscious loving and conscious living as part of our mission in creating a harmonious world.


We conduct our mindfulness courses and workshops centering on love and awareness. Our courses are non-religious, non-sectarian and open to participants from all faiths, going beyond what is commonly taken to be mindfulness meditation. We welcome all who are seeking spiritual awakening in support of freedom and happiness for themselves and others.


At Clove&Clive, our in-house courses/workshops are conducted in small, focused groups of about 20-25 pax so that participants gain optimum benefits during the course/workshop. Participants are also welcomed to share & discuss their experiences with the facilitators and members of the group.

Courses and services at Clove&Clive are generally either being offered for free on a contribute-as-you-wish basis or, at a reasonable exchange in order to support the operational cost of maintaining the centre and our in-house trainers. For those who are financially challenged and yet interested in our courses which are financially valued, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are open to discussion.