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Compassionate Communication Study Group

Compassionate Communication (CC), is a process of empathy and honesty, and is sometimes described as “the language of the heart.” It is a way of communicating—by speaking and listening—that leads us to give from the heart and connect with each other and ourselves, thus allowing our natural compassion to flourish.

While we may not consider the way we talk to be “violent”, our words often lead to hurt and pain, whether for others (e.g. work colleagues, customers, clients, suppliers) or ourselves.

Compassionate Communication guides us in reframing how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of reacting habitually, our words become conscious responses based firmly on an awareness of our inner perceptions, feelings and wants. In this language, we are shown how to express ourselves with honesty and clarity in work and personal situations, while paying others a respectful and empathic attention. Ultimately, the practice of CC helps us discover the depth of our compassion, and shows us that true giving comes from the heart.

This workshop spans over eight weekly sessions:
Thursdays, 10 Aug - 8 Oct 2017, excluding 31 August,  8pm - 10pm (8 sessions)