The REAL Retreat

(The Realization Experience thru Awareness Learning Retreat)

Finding yourself thru Realization

REAL Retreats are our signature retreats that put fun into the learning process. It aims to help you find out who you are and what have you not known yet in a journey of inner discovery. Realization is your ONLY true happiness. You will know once you arrive at it. Undoubtedly you will finally know what you have missed. It is not something mysterious or out of reach. Nor is it something found in the future. In fact, it is what that is missing now. Let the coming REAL Retreat unfold in you as it had for many others. A retreat that opens up to an amazing understanding that you have never known before. Welcome aboard.


REAL Retreat 31 Aug – 3 Sep 2017, 4D3N theme

Freedom Without Compromise


When Right Understanding arises.

We all love “freedom”, but somehow feel that it must come at a price – that something must be given up. Or that a certain sacrifice must be made before we can have freedom. Is that true? Well, if it is true then freedom is being compromised. Is that then, freedom?

What is freedom? There is a saying which goes: being free to do what one likes and not having to do what one does not like is not freedom but bondage. Surely this is an interesting topic to explore in every aspect, what the meaning of freedom is; before we can verify with certainty, and probably confirm universally, what "freedom" truly is. So is freedom merely a meaning personal to each of us or is there indeed a universal freedom that all of us can resonate with?

Welcome to our upcoming REAL Retreat where we earnestly explore topics of realities through direct understanding, yet in an unimaginably fun and expressive way, of what life – or more specifically, "I" is – which have a direct connection to freedom, or bondage.


FACILITATORS    Hor Tuck Loon, Chan Lai Fun & Choy Boon Ling

The R.E.A.L. Retreat — (The Realization Experience thru Awareness Learning Retreat)
Finding yourself thru Realization

The REAL Retreat is open to people who are interested to deepen their awareness+wisdom practice and candidates must ensure they have completed a “Mindfulness—A Starting Point”workshop before making an application. Any candidate wishing to request for an exemption from the Pre-requisite will need to send their request to outlining their past meditation practices and meditation teachers. The request will be evaluated by the facilitator on a case to case basis.

Expenses to enable this retreat to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

Note: Sponsored participation is inclusive of …
– accommodation;
– Meals (breakfast, lunch & simple dinner);
– Meditation guidance, Sharing & Talks.
– but, excludes transport (car-pooling is normally arranged among participants)


R30 — Sat-Tue, 28 Apr – 1 May 2018 (4D3N) — Venue: Camp ABC, Janda Baik  [ REGISTER HERE ↗ ]
R31 — Fri-Mon, 31 Aug – 3 Sep 2018 (4D3N) — Venue: Camp ABC, Janda Baik  [ REGISTER HERE ↗ ]
PR01 — Friday-Monday, 17 Nov - 20 Nov 2018 (4D3N) — Venue:  Stella Maris, Penang  [ REGISTER HERE ↗ ]

Click on the link following the dates of your choice to register online. Upon registration, should you be unable to attend the course due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly let us know in advance so that we can offer the sponsored space to someone else, who is on the waiting list.

NOTE: We reserve the rights to change the retreat dates and venue, subject to availability and management decision.

One of these venues will be selected depending on which retreat (see the dates):

  • Camp ABC, Janda Baik  is about 1.5hr leisure drive from PJ/KL.
  • Stella Maris Retreat Centre  (behind Viva Food Court). Jalan Hashim, Tanjong Tokong, Penang

Logistics to and from the venue is usually planned by the participants individually or as a group (car-pooling, flight, etc). Arrival at the venue is expect in the early hours on the first day of the retreat and departure will be about 2pm on the last day. More details will be provided as the retreat date draws near.

Program Manager: Yoke Fong 016-2122649
General Inquiry: Call/SMS 017-2933699

Enderong House, Tanarimba, Janda Baik
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Camp ABC, Janda Baik
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SR15 —  Fri-Sun, 9 Mar – 11 Mar 2018 (3D2N) — Venue: Deruan Damai, Janda Baik
SR16 — Sat-Tue, 26 May – 29 May 2018 (4D3N) — Venue: Deruan Damai, Janda Baik
LR03 — Fri-Tue, 15 June – 26 Jun 2018 (12D11N) — Venue: SBS, Taiping
SR17 — Fri-Sun, 10 Aug – 12 Aug 2018 (3D2N) — Venue: Deruan Damai, Janda Baik
SR18 — Fri-Sun, 12 Oct – 14 Oct 2018 (3D2N) — Venue: Deruan Damai, Janda Baik


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