Planned WISE Retreat House


The Vision

We want to create a purpose-built retreat house so that we can offer a beautifully secluded environment conducive to people who have an interest in exploring the understanding of life through guided silent retreats. 

This retreat house  will be on a two-acre piece of forested eco-development area at Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia, about 45 mins from Kuala Lumpur city. The land has already been acquired by a long-time participant at Clove&Clive who will lease the land to WISE at a nominal rent and this lease will be registered with the relevant land office pursuant to the terms of the Malaysian National Land Code. The long term lease will give WISE freedom to develop the land first and the option to purchase it at market price at a later date.  It is the intention of WISE to use its funds to construct the retreat house first so as to enable people to practice there as soon as possible. WISE will then work towards acquiring the land from the owner after the retreat house has been constructed. 

Among lush tropical rainforest and at an elevation of about 1,700 ft above sea level, the area is filled with fresh cool air and crystal clear streams. With a low density (20%) building footprint, to maintain harmony with natural surroundings, the building is planned to house up to 30 pax. It will have a meditation hall, shared rooms, dining hall, dry & wet kitchen and caretaker's quarters.

A purpose-built, forested retreat house will, not only offer a suitable venue on demand for WISE to use, but also offers a venue for long-term practice which is important to the community. It will be used to run retreats conducted under the guidance of in-house or invited teachers. It may also be for self-practice or rented out to other organizations which are in line with WISE's objectives.