Penang Silent Retreat

A privilege for self-enquiry and self-realization in a need-to-speak-only environment @ Stella Maris, Penang.


How often do we come close to nature? More so, how often do we find a golden opportunity for our own inward journey, for self-inquiry and self-realization? Instead of enjoying nature, how about having nature remind us of its all-pervading impartiality to anything and everything that comes and goes. There may be the sound and movement of the waves in the sea or the animals in the jungle, yet nature does not complain. Nature is just a natural unfolding, a happening in total silence. 

Within us, silence can be found. Silence is precious; it gives us a vast potential to be honest in becoming aware of what our mind is expressing moment to moment, without being drawn into the experience.  Simply by observing and understanding the nature of our own mind and bodily processes, who or what we really are will begin to dawn on us. Yes, the mind can be noisy, restless, impatient or even bored. The body too can be painful, uncomfortable or ill at ease. No matter what, silence can be found in the midst of all these happenings; our job is just to be impartial to them, to understand the full-spectrum of who or what we think we are. 

Join us in this loving journey of self-discovery, in the midst of nature, by the sea. An opportunity to find ourselves truthfully in the vast ocean of wisdom.

FACILITATORS    Hor Tuck Loon & Chan Lai Fun

Penang Silent Retreat
A privilege for self-enquiry and self-realization, @ Stella Maris, Penang.

The Penang Silent Retreat is open to people who are interested to deepen their awareness+wisdom practice and candidates must ensure they have completed a "Mindfulness-A Starting Point" workshop before making an application.

Expenses to enable this retreat to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

Note: Sponsored participation is inclusive of …
– Accommodation (2-4 persons/room with attached/shared bathroom) ;
– Meals (breakfast, lunch & simple dinner);
– Meditation guidance, Sharing & Talks.
– but, excludes transport

Stella Maris Retreat Centre  (behind Viva Food Court)
Jalan Hashim, Tanjong Tokong

PSR01 — Friday 3 November (meet at Stella Maris at 9.30am) to Monday 6 November 2017 (Depart at 2pm) (4D3N)

Program Manager: Cindy Tan 016-451 8727  
Alternative Contacts:   Gladys Loh 012-488 8733  l  Chui Peng 016-470 8110
General Inquiry: Call/SMS 017-2933699

Please fill out the online registration form by clicking on the REGISTER button below and submit to us latest by 15 October 2017.

Upon registration, should you be unable to attend the course due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly let us know in advance so that we can offer the sponsored space to someone else, who is on the waiting list.