LovingKindness Meditation

Turning moments into lovingness

In contrast to the stresses we have to unavoidably take in each day, from meeting deadlines to feeling grumpy, from relationship challenges to having a good sound sleep, there is something we can easily develop within to keep our lives at ease. More than just being a short term remedy, Lovingkindness Meditation offers you an opportunity to turn difficult moments to acceptable lovingness. After all, one cannot change what is being presented, but one can choose to respond gracefully, instead of the letting the usual impulsive reaction takeover.

Join us in developing a skill that requires no change of lifestyle, except the willingness to imbue the mind with lovingness through a guided session of lovingkindness meditation.

The session is offered with love at no cost, any heartfelt return on your part will be appreciated with gratitude.

DATE & TIME   Saturday, 17 June 2017, 3:30pm - 5pm


EXCHANGE   Expenses to enable this session to take place have been fully sponsored by WISE.

VENUE  WISE Centre at Kelana Jaya

CONTACT   Danny  012-3088911, or Call/SMS 017-293 3699