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Every now and then, we invite speakers (both in-house & external) to share with you on various topics such as mindfulness, relationships, money, communication, spirituality, health and other subjects related to the general wellness of your life journey.

These talks are aimed to educate, uplift, empower through the sharing of cultivated knowledge and experiences. Sharing, after all, is caring. ☺

Topic of talk for Saturday, 13 May 2017, 8pm, Speaker: Tuck Loon

A Generous Life - Just A Matter of Perception


Does generosity got to do with what you have, materially? Is generosity connected to money giving? Or is it a matter of mindstate? If it is just a perception, what then will be the benefit of having a generous mind as opposing to a mind of lack? Has happiness got to do with that? You betcha! Join Tuck Loon in the coming free talk as we explore together how a simple change of mind can bring you happiness, together with a generous mind too!


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VENUE  WISE Centre at Kelana Jaya

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Saturday, 13 May 2017, 8pm-9:30pm  –  Mindfulness related talk  by Tuck Loon - COMPLETED
Saturday, 19 Aug 2017, 8pm-9:30pm  –  Mindfulness related talk  by Tuck Loon - CANCELED